What Jigs Would You Like to See on Rough Cut?

We’re hard at work planning an awesome new season of Rough Cut for you and we want to hear from our fans! One of our shows this season will be featuring jigs of all kinds – the favorites from Al, Eli, Steve, and Tommy! We’d like to hear about your best jigs – and if […]

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Choosing the Right Garden Trellis

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to pop over to the Video section of the site to catch full-length episodes of past projects. New episodes are going up regularly. The Garden Trellis from Season One is one such episode. With Spring just around the corner, the trellis project is a great one to […]

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Sharpening Your Woodworking Tools

No matter how much experience you have at the bench, it still pays to be reminded of some basics. Shop safety, for example. We’re probably all guilty on this front from time to time, particularly when it comes to keeping eyes and ears protected/healthy. Keeping tools sharp is another. No, it’s not the most glamorous […]

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

To all those smitten woodworkers with a special someone in their lives (and also to those without!), we wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day. We’re sure a fair number of lovestruck bench jockeys out there put their skills to use and crafted up some woodshop goodies to give to the significant other today. If […]

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The Furniture Project 2014

As many of you know, that humble celebration of woodworking that we called WoodExpo took on a new form last year. Long-standing Rough Cut guest Eli Cleveland took the event by the reigns in 2013 — changing the name to the Furniture Project — and poured a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears into […]

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Sleepy Time for Slugger: A Baseball Bat Bed

In episode 09 of Rough Cut Season 4, Tommy builds one of his all-time favorite projects: a baseball bat bed. Designed and intended as a kid’s bed, the project features for major-league wooden bats that serve as the corner posts, as well as a scoreboard piece for the headboard. For a dose of inspiration on […]

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Holiday Giving with Easter Seals

As we move into Winter and through both the Holidays and the final days of the year, we take many moments to express gratitude, give gifts and enjoy the company of family and friends. This time of the year also presents great opportunities to consider those who are less fortunate, distressed or in some way […]

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Birdhouse Bonanza

The birdhouse is one of those wide appeal projects. Beginner woodworkers can tackle a simple birdhouse plan that builds new skills and develops confidence, while experienced woodworkers can find some curve-ball schemes and decorative designs that challenge joinery abilities and one’s attention to detail. Birdhouse plans are in no short supply. A quick google search […]

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Marquetry Maestro

When Tommy takes on a frame and panel bookstand project in Rough Cut Episode 7, his plan involves adding some intricate marquetry details to the piece. In keeping with his “learn from the best” practice/policy, he road trips it across the state to visit Silas Kopf, a legendary woodworker who applies some of the best […]

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Shoji Room Divider

Japanese woodworker Chosuke Miyahira founded his company Miya Shoji in 1947. Since its move to Queens, NY in 1970, Miya Shoji has been hand-crafting minimalist, elegant pieces of traditional japanese furniture using old-world techniques. Based on an “undesign” principle, the tables, benches, futons and other pieces coming out of Miya Shoji reflect the Japanese notion […]

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